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Wooden Cat

Wooden Cat
Wooden Cat
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The Cat: is a symbol of vigilance and protection. So we see in Buddhist temples, and other Asian countries, their presence is constant. As environmental scrubbers, and gatekeepers, helping against the penetration of harmful entities.
It is a symbol of freedom. Have always been intriguing, pets always faithful companions of medieval witches and protectors of houses over time.
Lending his charm to objects, they cheer environments and provoke passions.
The most domesticated of the feline race has always been associated with magic and holds many mysteries.
In medieval times the European saw them as being linked to witchcraft, able to have nine lives.
In Japan there are statues that combine the richness showing the cat with his paw up, position that would enable to draw money.
According to the oracles, the cat announces good luck.

Made in Madeira.

Size: 26 x 8 x 7 cm.

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